Monthly Wellness Challenge – APRIL

Dimensions of Wellness

We are challenging you each month to being a better you by participating in at-home activities or practices that can help improve your health during these uncertain times.

How it works:

Challenges that encourage at home healthy practices will be posted daily on Instagram (@myhealthuncc) and Facebook (@myhealth.uncc). These healthy practices will touch on thethe eight dimensions of wellness. The challenge days go as follows…

  • Motivation Mondays: Try different ways we can keep ourselves and our loved ones motivated to practice healthy living.

    • Meal planning for the work week, facetiming a distant relative or friend, reorganizing your closet are just a few suggestions!

  • Tasty Tuesdays: Discover new recipes and practices for healthy eating while at home.

    • Chopped cooking challenge, meal prepping for multiple meals or, try out a meat-free recipe.

  • Work It Out Wednesdays: We will challenge ourselves to be physically active at home.

    • Peep out these virtual group fitness sessions, take a walk around the neighborhood while practicing social distancing, do a family fitness challenge.

  • Thoughtful Thursdays: We will challenge you to RELAX. Learn how mental health is important, and how to recharge and rest for you.

    • Meditation, journaling, yoga, or trying a new bedtime routine will help with stress!

  • Keep It Fresh Fridays (and all weekend long): We want to challenge you to keep your life fun and fresh on the weekends. Learn and try new things that can make you feel well.

    • Give crafting , family game night, researching some new recipes a go!